Things You Need To Remember Before Buying Engagement Ring Box

Diamonds are women’s best friend. So, when it comes to your engagement, the first thing that melts your heart is the solitaire you get from your beloved. But, we know how the presentation matters. After all, the entire engagement occasion is only for you two to make you feel special. Every small thing matters, so why not the engagement ring box? Maybe a ring box of rose design is a bit old school, still, it can make butterflies run inside your stomach. There are certain things that you want to make sure while choosing engagement ring box.

  1. Pick Your Color

It will be better to choose a hue that can match the mood of the occasion. If it is vibrant and colorful, you should go for colors, like gold, red, green, etc. For softer mood, try to follow mauve, baby pink, etc. There are shops, online and offline, where you can also get the opportunity to customize the engagement ring box. Something with your personal touch will charm your beau the most.

  1. Types of Ring Box

You will be amazed to see the designs of ring box for engagement. Is your engagement is fairy tale themed or it is a corporate occasion? Go for a fairy imprinted box to gift your ladylove. An engagement ring box with the design of a cake is also very catchy. The flowery boxes are all time favorite of ladies. If it is a Mr. Box, you can go for a pen style box. If your partner is a book lover, gifting the engagement ring in a book style box is also very innovative.

  1. Where to Buy

When you buy the ring, you will definitely get a ring box from the jewelry shop. But, you want to be creative and thoughtful, right? You can search online to buy the right engagement ring box. The velvet boxes are really sophisticated, while the DE-glam look of wooden boxes can enhance the strong personality of your man. There are lots of online shops from where you can buy. Check out and don’t forget to compare the prices. You will surely get a great deal.

  1. Know the Size

Gifting a ring within an odd size of the box can ruin the mood of your beau. After all, it is a bit awkward, right? It will be perfect if you buy the ring first and then go for the box. Usually, you get three sizes at the shop- small, large and medium. Check out which one you need.

  1. You Can Add Monogram

Yes, there are many shops where you can customize the ring box with your favorite monogram. It will reflect your personality and your partner will love it more than a mere ring box. You can go for a love sign with the initials of the name of both of you. While customizing, you can preview the digital version of the design.

So, these are few things that you should remember before buying an engagement ring box. After all, your engagement is a lifetime memory. You should make everything memorable of it.