5 tips for successful laser lighting show

If you are event organiser or laser display supplier wanting a super-dooper laser show, the following information from our friends at Kvant Lasers UK Limited may come in handy to you. These 5 tips are pretty much essential for any successful laser show.

1) Laser safety

This being a HOT topic lately, we mention it as the most important one! Laser safety during public laser displays is and should be the paramount. It doesn’t matter how great is your laser lighting performance if it’s unsafe for the audience and can potentially ruin your business within a second. Making your laser display safe is not only the MUST, but it also makes the show lot more comfortable to watch for everyone.

2) Laser display system positioning

People have been lately using more and more laser display units in their shows than ever before because lasers are now more easily accessible and cheaper. But even using many RGB laser in one show doesn’t guarantee you much unless they are positioned correctly.
Using many disco lasers in a single straight line will never be as effective as if they are layered into different heights, depths and directions within the stage and scene. That way the laser lighting show gets lot more space depth and will appeal monumental.

3) Using RGB laser colours sensibly

The fact that the lasers you are using are full colour RGB lasers, doesn’t mean that you have to use all the colours in your show. Using many colours at the same time creates rather chaotic visual experience and is not recommended. Instead, choosing some simple and clever colourcombinations, will result in much better outcome. Of course it should be all colour synced with the rest of the visuals, but simple colour combinations are always better. Personally we love combination of white, orange or yellow and cyan.

4) Number of used laser display system

More is better but only to certain extent. Even some pros sometimes forget that a single laser lighting unit can do lot more than just one effect and wise programming of fewer lasers will give you the same or better effect as many lasers that are used inefficiently.

5) Rehearsals

Can you imagine the feeling when after the countdown nothing happens while everyone including yourself is expecting a brain-melting show?
Everything must be set up properly, tested, saved and tested again if necessary so you can be 100% sure that the sparkling laser display will commence as scheduled.