Why Parents Should Invest in Kids’ Music Education

When we were younger, we always wished that school was over even before it even started. What makes you think that your kids are not wishing the same thing? Funny how school has always been perceived as boring and uneventful. What more with the onset of today’s technology eating up most of your little one’s time and energy. Between school and extra-curricular activities, your kids may need something that can truly help them in the future-learning music. Read on and find out why.

  • It harnesses your child’s physical capability.

Learning to play musical instruments develops physical strength and prowess. For instance, playing the drums will eventually enhance motor skills and coordination. Same goes when playing a guitar. There are guitar lessons available in Singapore to develop your child’s timing and coordination. Drums are great for kids that are overly active as this could be their way to express themselves. Piano and violin on the other hand develops the dexterity of your child as the movements tend to be simultaneous when playing either instruments.

guitar lessons available in Singapore

  • It enhances your child’s academic skills.

Did you know that math and music are actually closely interrelated? When your child learns to read and understand every beat, scale and rhythm, he/she is actually understanding the methods of division, patterns and fractions. It takes a lot of skill to be able to memorize lengthy music pieces and songs but if your child can do it then you are giving him the opportunity to enhance his memory skills.

  • It gives your child confidence.

Accepting criticisms is always difficult whether you are a child or an adult. However, the younger ones are more sensitive and this can affect their self-esteem. Music can change that. In group lessons for example, the children are taught that everyone has their own special skills. There is always a room for improvement and that works for everyone. Once your kids become confident in playing the instruments that they have chosen, it will immediately reflect in the way they carry themselves.

  • It nurtures your child’s social skills.

When your child is enrolled in a group class, chances are he/she will meet new friends, children who are not from his/her academic class. Music requires communication and interaction especially when you have to play in a group. Adjustment is one objective that you should look into if your child belongs to a group of musicians. Group interaction will promote social skills and problem solving abilities of the children.

  • It develops discipline.

Playing an instrument requires lots of patience and discipline, After all, you cannot play one after just an hour of practicing. Practice makes perfect and once your child realizes this, his patience will grow a notch. For children enrolled in group lessons, waiting for their turns is expected. Children develop their sense of discipline while doing this.

Music is one platform where children can express themselves. Give them the chance to pick whatever instrument they like. You can let them have voice lessons or piano lessons. There are also guitar lessons available in Singapore. Let them choose and watch them grow.