How to learn to play piano by using the help from pianoforall

Knowing how to play a certain instrument can be of a big use for you when it comes to cultivating your soul and be ready for an activity which will help you get more relaxed during your free time. There are many people that believe that playing a certain instrument is a thing for the talented people, but the truth is that anyone can learn how to perform an activity of this kind, only if there area big motivation and love for the task which a person is performing. Of course, maybe you will never be as good as a person which was born with a talent of this kind may be, but the same as many things in life are – practising will make it perfect. Within this article ,we will help you get informed about the things you need to do in order to learn how to play pthe iano and give you some external advices over your personal improvement.

Learn more about the music theory

Besides it is a mandatory subject during middle school and almost everyone should know how to read notes, many of us has skipped it without putting too much attention on the music theory. But now is the time when you should put the music history aside, and learn more on reading notes. This is the first step and also, the main one, since learning how to read notes will help you get easily through the rhythm and all the signs which are used in the music alphabet. And if you want an additional help when choosing it, or finding some specific materials about learning more, you can click on the following link and use all the information served You should do it by searching for certain online tutorials, videos, and after that, test your knowledge by finding some tests. This may be a bit hard for you especially when you come to the more complicated notes, but everything can be learn if you put enough effort in it.

Get more information about the piano keys

After you’ve successfully passed through the first step, once you are able to read notes, you should know why are the certain parts of the piano black and others white, what does it mean, which key is making a higher sound, and which one lower tone. When doing this step, you should get familiar with the basic notes by playing them in a do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-re-do row, starting from. Once you do this, you will be able to see that between the first three tones, there are two black keys, with a missing one between mi and fa, as well as si and the second do. And if you have passed through the first step successfully, this part won’t be confusing for you at all.


Once you’ve successfully learned more about the first and the second step, now it is time to practice the main tunes, by following some simple songs played by the basic tones, in order to feel the piano and know how hard you should play towards it. When doing this step, be sure that you’ve went through a song which has a notes which are lasting in a different timing, in order to be able to learn the difference between them, and know how to play it. This step may feel hard for you at first, but in a short time, you will be able to move along and play the specific song you’ve chosen like a professional. But when choosing the song, it is very important that it is made only of basic tones, in order to learn how to play them first, before you pass on a bigger thing. Also, by following this step you will be able to practice the first one more, but this should not be accepted as an excuse of not following the first advice. Not knowing the meaning of the notes is the same as not knowing how to read the alphabet when it comes to a written text, and that means that skipping that part won’t help you at all. So, make sure that you know how to read the given notes, have a lot of motivation and will when exercising the song you’ve chosen and you are on your way of becoming a piano player.