Music is a form of art and learning this art form is great in itself. Music is a very soothing which creates a pure aura around and also helps in relaxing the state of mind. Also one of the great way to connect to almighty is through music, there are different instruments which produces soothing noise and one such is piano.

Familiarisation with history

The piano is a string instrument which produces divine melody and tone. It was invented long ago by Cristofori in an around 1700 century. The piano consists of button attached to the strings and when these buttons are pressed the strings attached to it with different frequency produces different tone. This system is called or termed as keyboard which consists of different row of keys or buttons and these are pressed down with the help of fingers and thumbs. Usually both the hands are used to control the keys which press the hammer to strike the strings.

Take some knowledge about piano

Now let’s get started with how to learn piano. Piano learning does not require hard and fast skills it just needs practise to master the piece. As it is said practise makes a man perfect and so is applied with learning piano. First and the foremost thing that is needed arebuying the piano, these can be bought from different stores including online and offline.


  • Piano is an affordable device and so is within the pocket of users. Before starting one thing is to keep in mind that stop all the negative thoughts that piano learning is hard and tough job, indeed it is easy. Though I cannot deny with the fact that learning the notes are tough job and requires time and patience. So all that is needed is positive outlook and holla you are ready to go.
  • Next is being familiar with the note. Different devices contain certain notes which are needed to learn. As when we started learning English we started with alphabets, notes are alphabet of piano. After being familiarised with the notes then only one can start with playing those notes on piano.
  • The next is getting adjusted to the device. It is very necessary to know which key is used for generating which type of note then only one can move ahead with learning piano. The black button or keys on the piano is for generating sharp or flat tone or music.


Thus these are the basic on starting how to learn piano. As to start learning English alphabet is must so to start learning piano these basics are necessary to keep in mind and get familiarised with. After being familiar with the basic one can move ahead with generating small notes and then finally with time generating music.