Enhance Life By Playing Piano

Enhance Life By Playing Piano

You must have heard the song ‘Make you feel my love’ by Adele. Don’t you just love that tune?It’s surely one of the best piano songs ever made. The piano chords, when you hear them, make you feel so fresh, peaceful, and satisfied. That’s what music does to you. Music is one of the most peaceful types of art. Since we are on the topic, have you ever thought of learning an instrument, specifically a piano? Learning piano by traditional methods, which would require you to practice every note once and learn classical music, can be a big taskto begin with, especially if you are not a school kid and you have important things to do like work!

But what if we have some interesting ways by which you can learn playing piano with both hands and that too, within a few weeks? You would be thrilled, right? So here you go, we have a list of techniques to use while learning piano that would help you learn way faster:

Make you feel my love

  • The key idea that will make this happen is learning the basic useful techniques and chord structures and not spending a lot of your time studying notes and going deep. Practicing this can make you a pianist learned enough to play songs like ‘Make you feel my love’ and many others.
  • Basic learning:To become a piano player in just a few weeks, you need to learn all the songs you want to play on the piano and learn all the notes and read music. A basic learning about the notes and the aptitude to combine them easily can do the trick. By luck, the formulas and tricks are not very complex and can be learned easily. What you need to remember is which note is what and the rest would be a cake walk.
  • Learning beyond the lesson: Since you will learn notes and how to play them for a lot of songs, you will develop an ability to make combinations of the notes by yourself and might even improvise on many songs that you have learned, that too, in just a few weeks. This is how the lessons would work and who knows, you might even become a pro pianist with a little bit of hard work.
  • Make you feel my love:The song is a favorite of many and would want to play it desperately after learning the piano. Learning is easier and faster when it is more fun and less of a punishment. You can start learning the piano by playing this song since you like this a lot. You can also choose some other song if you have a different preference. The song you take should have a variety and interesting chords to learn which is the case of ‘Make you feel my love.’

Pianos lessons designed for a few weeks can be a great start to your piano career. You canconsult them in order to learn better and faster.You can gain additional knowledge by visiting this site https://pianoin21days.com/learn-to-play-make-you-feel-my-love-on-the-piano/