Preparing your Child for the First Cinema Watching

As much as you want to bring your baby to the movies, other people will hate you for it. It’s not like they don’t like your child, though. Rather, it is more highlighted on their concern as to how they can concentrate on the screen. Do you want to know why?

 Well, here is the answer. People watch movies on the big screen because of distinct reasons. One, they’ve been longing to see their favorite stars acting. Two, they are excited about the story-line. Most of them are even preparing a tissue just in case they would cry during the screenplay. Now, you’re asking, how should it relate to them hating your decision? Well, with a child on your side, there’s a tendency of loud uncontrollable crying. Sure, it depends on the movies you’re watching. But, you can’t control what the kid feels. Sometimes, the child would just want to go home while you are halfway through the plot. Does the picture look clear to you now? Since not all the cinemas can offer a special time for parents with babies like Odyssey Cinema MK-94. Thus, taking the first step in preparing for the first movie trip is required.

Now, from the trailer you’ve watched at home, you become decisive to bring the baby with you. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, for preparation purposes, it’s better to check some pointers below. Find out how you can minimize the chances of a child throwing tantrums in the middle of the movie.

  • Ask if your child is ready

Communication is a must. Whatever decision you are to make, be sure that the child agrees to it as well. A kid going into the cinema is a challenging thing. You can’t expect your child to behave properly all throughout the movie time. Before you buy the ticket, you need to ask the child again. Don’t worry if your kid backs out the last minute. It is better not to step inside the cinema than experiencing tantrums inside.

  • Decide together about the movie

Well, don’t get too excited. Avoid buying the tickets a week or a day before the show. You may be shocked when your child decides not to pursue the plan. Also, don’t pick a romantic-comedy for the child’s first show. Most importantly, never choose a horror-rated film for a minor child. You need to ask a couple of times if the kid lies the first pick you got. One good solution here is to let the little one be the person who decides on which movie must be watched. Give a list of child-friendly and child-themed films available by the moment. In that way, you’ll be sure that the kid will enjoy the entire runtime as much as you do.

  • Come on-time

Skip the time-consuming trailers. Since you’ve already reserved a seat, just get inside the cinema on-time. Unlike adults, children have a hard time distinguishing the movie from the trailers. After you’ve purchased the tickets, don’t get inside the room right away. Ask the usher/usherette as to when will be the exact time of the film showing. By then you can have a stroll first.  Buy some snacks. Roam around the mall. Find other things to do before you both get inside the cinema of your choice.