Experience Quality Time in Events

Pune is an exciting city of India. It is the second largest city of Maharashtra. You can find people belonging to different places and difference races residing in this city. Be it education, office or business; people are flooded to this place from different corners of country. Moreover, the city has entertainment and events too on its plate.

If you live in Pune and you want to experience variety in your day today life; just go for Events in pune. There are many events that take place in pune and the exciting thing is that these all are related to all the areas of life. No matter how remote your hobby or interest is; you might end up with a thrilling event for you.

3D Printing

Do you like 3D printing? Do you want to enhance your knowledge about this area? If yes then you must not miss out a quality event by Rabinder Henry.  Just keep yourself free on Friday 17th November from 9:30AM to 5:00PM. In this event, you can walk through different topics like:

  • Setup and configuration of a 3D printer
  • Designing 3D objects making use of OpenSCAD
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Slicing and optimization of the 3D printable objects

Remember, you will not just learn so much from this event but are also going to be certified on completion of this seminar. So, make the most of this event!

Canvas Painting workshop 

This beautiful painting event is going to be organized by Rajendra Bhosale on 6th November from 3:00PM to Tuesday November 7th5:30PM.  The good part is that no artistic Experience is going to be required and all the material is going to be provided by the organizers. So, if you have always been passionate about painting then you must carve out some time for this canvas experience. It will certainly leave you more creative and artistic.

Are you a Musical lover?

If you love music then too you can easily find out many events taking place in Pune. These musical events are going to give you a chance to experience live performances of your favourite bands and singers. Not just this, there are many other musical events too wherein you can participate and sing loud among the listeners. For example, you can find out an event like Karaoke event wherein you can easily sing along with a karaoke and have a beautiful and musical time with other musical lovers. Moreover, you can have a good time amidst the live singers and can even dedicate songs to your loved ones. This way, you can enjoy so much of variety in music and can relish a great time.

It is not just about music, you can have a great time in Dance events too. Just get yourself enrolled for a dance event and you are free to experience so much of learning. Different dancers and professionals become part of these dance events. You can have a great learning experience amidst them.


Thus, be it learning or entertainment or thrill; everything can be found in events!