Slide into Summer and Beat the Heat!

Slide into Summer and Beat the Heat!

Everyone loves the summer, but no one is ready for that first really hot day. We all want to get our kids moving, but when the hot weather really comes full force, everyone ends up inside on their phones or playing video games. Don’t you want to beat the heat while keeping the party going?

Outdoor water games are the best way to do just that. There are games you can play by setting up water equipment that will keep you cool. Summer can get people in a slump when the weather isn’t cooperating, but having some fun ideas at the ready will keep you prepared and everyone in the family happy.

What Things Will You Need to Keep the Kids Cool and Preoccupied?

There are a lot of water options that you can utilise to have a fun time outdoors with the kids. One of the most classic games is a water balloon toss. Fill up some balloons with ice-cold water, and let the hilarity begin. Turning it into a competition will make every kid on the block want to get involved. Most importantly, everyone will be outside, laughing, socialising, and making fun summer memories.


You can also invest in some classic water guns that will keep the entire clan entertained. It’s the perfect solution to suit both young and older children. Turn it into a game of tag to keep it interesting and draw teams to create some fun competition. They’ll be playing till the sun goes down without even noticing the heat.

Lastly, a purchase that will be the best at keeping the little ones cooled down and giggling all afternoon is any assortment of inflatable water slides. Kids will be slipping and sliding while staying cool, which will give you some relaxation time. They can have races, combine slides to make an obstacle course, or just have fun. The options are endless, and your kids will have the time of their lives.

What Food Can You Serve Your Kids to Keep Them Cool Outside?

During a fun day in the sun, you not only have to keep your kids hydrated, but you also want to keep them full so that they can continue playing outside. Cool and light snacks like watermelon, cantaloupe, and fruity popsicles will keep the kids happy. Cool fruit will always hit the spot and keep the kiddies feeling cool at the same time.

With the highest temp in Australia hitting an astronomical 48 degrees Celsius, you will, of course, always want to have plenty of water as well.

Show the sun who’s boss with some fun water games and the backyard party that your kids will never forget.