Short guide on how video platforms helped the youngsters to showcase their talent

Rise in Video Platforms

We are already in the centre of a digital revolution. We are the second-largest Smartphone users in the world and given the low internet rates provided by companies like Reliance Jio this number is bound to increase. Content creators are looking for more and more engaging ways to connect with the increasing diversity of the user base.

Everyone is trying to get a share in the video content market. Social Media platforms which were not traditionally video-based have stepped in. Big names like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have all gone in and allowed video content on their platforms. Videos are also featured in Google’s search engine. Advertisers are also focussing on Video to promote brands. This has given rise to a multitude of possibilities for youngsters to showcase their talent online and gain popularity which will automatically attract advertisers.

Ways to utilise Video platforms to showcase talent

  • Uploading Videos

There were many working professionals that I came across who had dreams of becoming singers, dancers, stand-up comedians some day but didn’t know where or how to begin.This is not the case anymore.ManyVideo Platforms have started coming up that allow anyone to upload any video. Putting up a video on these platforms is free.

All there is to do is get a friend to record their act and upload it. Just a click of a button makes it available to such a wide audience. In this way they can amass a lot of subscribers and followers thus gaining popularity.

  • Finding a Niche

The availability of various topics to explore for every talent makes people think that they should indulge in all. This should be avoided. A niche should be chosen and a person should develop his/her talent for that particular niche. This helps people identify a person with their niche and not discard them as just another artist making videos.

  • Creating diverse content within your niche

Content has always had importance. There has to be something unique and good in your act to make it work online. There are various platforms available that give full freedom to a person to explore their talent. There is also an increase in viewership for video content. This gives an artist the freedom to explore various avenues within their niche and create diverse content to cater to the various sets of audiences.

  • Expand To Other Platforms

With the rise of video platforms all over the internet like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Hulu and many more, youngsters have a way to showcase their talent through multiple platforms. Owing to the different set of audience that each video platform enjoys, one is unaware of which platform may work and which may not. Spreading your content over multiple platforms helps in gaining popularity quickly and also helps in maintaining a constant online presence.

  • Vernacular Content

Language being the major barrier to get included in the digital space in India, we are the ideal market for apps that support vernacular content. The increase in Smartphone and internet users has given rise to more consumers of video content in regional languages in India. As a result the demand for regional videos like funny hindi videos, Videos in Tamil, Telugu, has also risen. With players like ShareChat, Clip and also upcoming platforms like Flickstree there is a vast demand for vernacular content.The constant upward growth of regional language demand in India has empowered youngsters to exhibit their talent which was previously eclipsed by the language barrier.The numerous talented youngsters whose only struggle was the English languageare now being presented with loads of opportunities. The following image shows the trend is going beyond just Hindi and spreading over other regional languages as well.

These video platforms have become the medium through which a talented people from across the country can get an exposure through any language that, a few years back they could not have even dreamt of. Video Platforms have helped Indians increase their popularity by showcasing their talents online. They have also proved that language is no bar when there is talent.