Hacks to maintain a lavish lifestyle

The term luxury means something different to most people. Some people perceive luxury as a good book and a cup of coffee, others require a luxury apartment while still others see luxury as a personal trainer. Glamour is attained for many by driving a convertible while some feel luxury when wearing a trendy dress. Some forms of luxury are extremely expensive while others can be found much cheaper with the right hacks. Whether your idea of luxury is your home or extensive traveling the hacks below will help you attain your dreams.

The Values

Your personal values are critical. You must determine what is most important before deciding how you want to spend your money. This will decrease your expenses for the things that have little value for you while increasing your available funds for what matters most.

The Money Attitude

You must learn how to respect and manage your money. You should always be grateful for the money you do have. Eliminate any feelings of guilt, shame or fear regarding money. When you establish a good relationship with your money you will be able to sustain a much more lavish lifestyle.

The Timing

You can enjoy a lavish breakfast with your friends less expensively than meeting for dinner. A glass of wine with lunch costs a lot less than a bottle. Numerous fine restaurants offer early bird deals. This is especially true if you have children. A lovely lunch can be taken to the beach and provide an amazing afternoon. Sometimes it is not about where you choose to go but when.

The Coffee

Determine the importance of your expensive cup of coffee every morning. You can save a lot of money by making your coffee at home and using a to go cup. Consider purchasing a smaller size. Look for loyalty cards and coupons. The amount of money you can save on coffee can buy a lot of luxuries.

The Picnic

You can listen to music in a bar and spend money on very expensive drinks or have a picnic. Relish in a beautiful sunset, enjoy a bottle of wine and bring your favorite foods. Have a picnic on the beach with your friends and listen to your own music. The amount of money you save will pay for a luxurious night out. You will also have a sensational time with your friends.

Drive in Style

Driving a sporty convertible might be a costly affair to some. You can opt for rentals, a convertible for your vacation might give you a feel of luxury while costing little. While you drive your thrill ride, safety is what you need to take care of.

Reward Points

If your idea of luxury is traveling look to the reward points earned from your credit cards. These points provide free travel miles, discounts at foreign restaurants and grocers and savings on gas and insurance. This will reduce the funds necessary to have the vacation you have been dreaming of taking.


There are numerous services cheaper than cable television. These services provide excellent choices. Go to see movies on days when the tickets are considerably cheaper. Some days tickets are half off. Certain service providers offer discounted tickets for movies and various events. A lot of cinemas will let you bring your own snacks. Outdoor cinemas run classic old movies and often for free. A picnic basket and movie beneath the stars feels luxurious. Purchase a workout video and exercise at home as opposed to a gym membership. You can enjoy what you want much cheaper with these hacks.

The Booklets

Entertainment booklets offer discounts on activities, dining out, travel and local experiences. This is a nice way to decrease expenses while still enjoying the luxuries of life.


You can save so much money on live music at bars and restaurants offering entertainment. If you plan to see a major artist wait until the ticket prices drop a little at the secondary markets instead of purchasing them immediately. See the second or third performance because the first is generally more expensive. Find multiple seats cheaper by searching online. Some events offer standing tickets at a reduced rate. Ticket outlets usually offer better prices for concerts and musicals. Purchase pre-sale and early bird tickets for additional savings. This will cut the prices necessary for you to enjoy the luxury of live music.

Skin Care

Lotions are incredibly expensive. You can receive the same benefits from oils at a much cheaper price. They are long lasting, great for your skin and relatively cheap. Rosehips is a sensational moisturizer while jojoba provides excellent cleansing. You will feel luxurious at a fraction of the cost.

The Local Shops

You can find good deals on luxurious clothing at the local shops. You may not always be able to find the top brands but the clothing is well made and has style. You can have the wardrobe you desire without maxing out your credit cards. When you are considering a purchase that will be used for many years pay the additional cost for high quality. This may be shoes, boots, a jacket or a handbag. A quality item will last much longer and save you the expense of constantly paying to replace something that takes a great deal of wear. When an item only gets minimal wear you can easily purchase something of good quality without spending nearly as much.

Online Shopping

You can take a look at fashion trends that are popular and adored by models and fashion geeks. Check various blogs and expert interviews and decide what to buy.You can find fantastic deals online if you shop around. Some sites offer minimal or free shipping. Instead of paying more for overnight or expedited shipping select standard shipping whenever possible. This will ensure you have the luxury items you desire while reducing the expense.

The Special Deals

Physical businesses are in competition with online stores. Many will provide you with a special deal if you ask. They will find what you are looking for at the best possible price because they want to make the sale.

Living a Luxurious Lifestyle

You can live the lifestyle you choose much less expensively if you follow the above hacks whenever possible. Luxury is about enjoying your life, having the monetary objects that matter to you and being smart enough to get the best deal whenever you can.