Why Outdoor Christmas Decorations Don’t Have to Be Tacky!

Do you ever drive or walk past a house where the owners are clearly really into Christmas? One of those homes that has a whole range of gigantic, light up outdoor decorations, that do not seem to have been chosen because they go together at all, so you can see four different Santas all of different sizes? Some neighborhoods even have stiff rivalries between houses who want to outdo each other on the outdoor decoration front, which usually results in their streets being lit up like malls for the whole of December!

While you may not want your own home to look that way – after all, it isn’t exactly tasteful, and running all those lights would cost a fortune – there is something about seeing homes like that that makes you smile and feel a little more Christmassy. If you would kind of like to add some of that feeling to your own home but without bankrupting yourself or having other people think your house was the local eyesore, then happily, there are some ways to do outdoor holiday decorations that can actually look really chic! Here are some ideas:

Subtle Lights in Your Existing Trees

One good way to create a Christmassy look that is more magical than monstrous is to simply add some outdoor LED lights to the trees around your home. If you have pines, then all the better – you can make them look like giant Christmas trees with just some white or, if you prefer, colored LEDs. Alternatively, lights hung from the branches of bare, wintry looking trees can create a chic look. Another idea is to hang lantern style lights from these trees, making a classy, Victorian Christmas style effect. Just make sure any lights you use are designed for outdoor use, to make sure everything is safe.

Wooden Nativity Silhouettes

If you have a lawn you would like to display something tastefully festive on, then wooden nativity silhouettes can look really good, especially when subtly illuminated. You can buy beautifully painted ones in a variety of sizes, or even opt for plain ones that just give the silhouette effect for an even more chic, minimalist look. Look at the range available from Outdoor Nativity Store for some great pieces you could use.

Window or Balcony Lights

If you don’t really have trees or lawn space to play with but want some subtle, attractive lights to make your home look more festive, then the best places to put them are on windows that can be seen from the outside. If you have a porch or balcony, it can also look really nice to decorate with LEDs, and if you choose a stylish look rather than overly flashy multicolored chaser lights you can get that pretty ‘fairly light’ look to brighten up your home’s exterior for Christmas.These are just three ways you can have some form of exterior Christmas decorations without risking your house looking tacky or silly.